Brandon Intermediate - Dare to be True


As per the school prospectus:


Uniform Requirements all students attending Brandon Intermediate must wear full school uniform.

All students must wear the following items made especially for Brandon Intermediate School:

 ¾ School polo top

 ¾ Black school shorts or track pants

 ¾ School long sleeved microfleece top

 ¾ Black or white socks

¾Shoes/ trainers (but not basketball boots or high tops)

It is strongly recommended that all students have a waterproof coat/jacket for bad weather


Item Cost Unisex Shorts $30.00

OR Girls’s Shorts $35.00

OR Unisex Trackpants $35.00

AND Polo Shirt $32.00

 Microfleece $42.00

Sunsmart bucket hat $7.00

Jacket $51.00