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Brandon Intermediate

Acceptable Use of Internet, and Other Information Technology



Students are responsible for good behaviour on the Internet or School Intranet just as they are in a classroom.  General school rules for behaviour and communications apply. Individual users of the Internet are responsible for their behaviour and communications over the network. 


The Internet is provided for students to conduct research and communicate with others.  Access to the Internet is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner.  Students and their parents/caregivers will have signed a ‘Brandon Intermediate Information Technology User Agreement’ and this is to be honoured.


Beyond the clarification of such standards, the school is not responsible for restricting, monitoring or controlling the communications of individuals using the network.  The school takes reasonable steps to restrict student access to inappropriate sites but each individual student is responsible for accessing only appropriate sites for research for classroom learning.


Files and communications in computer storage areas may be reviewed to maintain system integrity and ensure that students are using the system responsibly.  Users should not expect that files stored on the network server will always be private.


During school, teachers will guide students towards appropriate materials.  Outside school, families bear responsibility for such guidance as they must also exercise with information sources such as television, telephones, movies, radio and other potentially offensive media.


In addition, students may not have cellphones on their person during the school day and so may not access the internet or emails using a cellphone


The following are not permitted:

q  Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures

q  Using obscene language

q  Harassing, insulting or attacking others

q  Damaging or altering settings of computers, computer systems or computer networks

q  Violating copyright laws

q  Using others’ passwords

q  Trespassing in or moving others’ folders, work or files

q  Intentionally wasting limited resource

q  Using a cellphone for ICT or any other purpose


In the event a student engages in any of the above-referenced activities, their access privileges will be revoked and other disciplinary measures may result.





Brandon Intermediate

Information Technology User Agreement


I understand that:

The only purpose for school computers and other Information Technology resources is to support teaching and classroom learning.

The school will do its best to keep me safe while using global information and communication systems such as computer access to the Internet.

I know that I am not permitted to access material through the Internet which is offensive, dangerous, inappropriate at school, or illegal*.

I am forbidden to pass on such material by copying, storing or printing it.

If I use e-mail at school, I am not permitted to send any messages which are offensive, dangerous, inappropriate at school or illegal*.

I may use the Internet or e-mail at school only if there is a teacher supervising me.

Cellphones are a communication technology which is not to be used during the school day by students at Brandon Intermediate.  I understand if I have a need to bring a cellphone to school for use before and after school I must hand the device into the classroom teacher before school starts.

I understand I am not permitted to send by cellphone to any member of our school community any messages or images which are offensive, dangerous, inappropriate or illegal*


Students: * Please ask your teacher or your parent if you need any of these terms explained to you.


I understand how important it is to:


1.       Take care of Information Technology resources, such as computers and the Internet

                Be careful with equipment and furniture

Respect the copyrights on software that prohibit copying

Use only school software on school computers


2.            Be considerate of other users

Share available equipment

Be careful not to waste computer resources (e.g. paper

Avoid disruption of the running of any computer or network

Take care not to scan or display graphics, record or play sounds, or type messages that could cause offence to others.

Remove immediately from the screen any material that would not be allowed at the school that I accidentally come across, and tell the teacher right away.


3.            Be responsible for privacy and security

I will not give anyone on the Internet information about myself or anyone else – this includes address, phone number or photograph.

I will not use on any school computer, disks or other storage devices brought to school from home.  I will tell the teacher if I come across a virus or security problem


Brandon Intermediate

Information Technology Use Agreement


Return this sheet only.  Keep the Acceptable Use of Internet, Intranet and Other Information Technology and User Agreement  information pages at home, to refer to.



I have read the Acceptable Use Procedure and this User Agreement and know the importance of the school rules for the use of computers, technology resources, the internet, the intranet and cellphones.


I know that if I break these rules I might lose the right to use a school Information Technology devices, and the school may take other disciplinary action against me, which could include my removal from any class or programme that involves computer use.



     Name (Printed)  _____________________________                 Year/Room__________________




     Signature     __________________________                                  Date: ___________________







I have read the Acceptable Use Policy and this User Agreement and understand that my child is responsible for using the school equipment and the Internet as outlined and may not have a cellphone on their person during the school day.


I have gone through the agreement with my child and explained its importance, and that there may be consequences for breaking the agreement.


I understand while the school will do its best to restrict student access to offensive, dangerous, inappropriate at school, or illegal material on the Internet or through e-mail, it is the responsibility of my child to have no involvement in such material.


I give my permission for________________________________________ to be given access at school to global information systems such as the Internet and/or e-mail.


Name (Printed) __________________________________________________

Date ____________________________


Signature: _______________________________



* If you would like to discuss this document or need help with translation, please contact the school office.


Brandon Intermediate

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Guidelines


Brandon Intermediate recognises that the world is changing rapidly and that our students use digital devices such as laptops, desktops and tablets as important tools for their learning and communicating.

We want to maximise the learning enabled by these devices and support students who choose to bring their own digital device's to school.

This will mean that students can, if they wish, bring an approved laptop or tablet to their regular classroom every day.  Teachers will direct how these devices will be used to support learning.

There is no expectation for students to bring a device to school and Brandon Intermediate will continue to provide access to digital devices for all students.


1.       We recommend that your device has a protective cover. You may also wish to send a headset/earphones for your child’s private use.

2.       A listing of applications (apps) used within the classroom will be provided to BYOD participants.  These may need to be downloaded at home.

3.       Children are expected to bring their device home each night to use to create a seamless flow between school and home.

4.       Each classroom will have a locked facility to store the devices when they are not in use. It is the student’s responsibility (under the teacher’s guidance) to ensure they put their device in the storage facility.

5.       Students are not allowed to use their devices unsupervised before school, morning tea or lunch. They may be locked away during these times.

6.       The school does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage of the device.  The device must be covered by the owner’s personal insurance.

7.       A computing device is a very powerful tool for engaging in learning, but it is not the only tool that teachers at Brandon Intermediate use to deliver high quality teaching.  The device is used at the class teacher’s discretion and with the class teacher’s knowledge.  Whether or not technology is used in class on any given day depends entirely upon the class teacher's judgment about the best tools to use for instruction.

8.       The school may not be able to support any technical issues and/or upgrades of the equipment/device.

9.      Conditions of the school’s Internet Use Agreement with students apply.



BYOD Agreement


Brandon Intermediate




Please review and sign the BYOD agreement between parents and students. No student will be permitted to use personal technology devices unless the agreement is signed and returned.


Please read carefully and students initial every statement:



Students take full responsibility for their devices and insurance for the device also.  The school is not responsible for the security of personal technology.  Personal devices cannot be left at school before or after school hours.


When devices are not in use they will be stored in the appropriate place, the school holds no responsibility for any loss or damage which might occur.


Devices will only be used under adult supervision, when adults are present


Devices cannot be used during assessments, unless otherwise directed by a teacher.


Students must immediately comply with teachers’ requests to shut down devices or close the screen. Devices must be in silent mode and put away when asked by teachers.


Students must protect the privacy of others and never post private information about another. Students are not permitted to transmit or post photographic images/videos of any person from school on public and/or social networking sites.  Nor are they to take photos of students in uniform or onsite, or at a school activity without the express permission of the individual.


Personal devices must be charged prior to bringing them to school and run off their own batteries while at school. Charging will be available on a limited basis and is up to teacher discretion.


To ensure appropriate network filters, students will only use the BYOD wireless connection only in school and will not attempt to bypass the network restrictions by using 3G or 4G network.


Students understand that bringing devices on premises or infecting the network with a Virus, Trojan, or program designed to damage, alter, destroy, or provide access to unauthorized data or information will result in disciplinary actions.  The school has the right to collect and examine any device that is suspected of causing problems or is the source of an attack or virus infection.


The school has the right to inspect files on any device bought on campus irrespective of if it has been the cause of a problem / attack / virus (This covers devices that may contain objectionable material obtained offsite and stored on the Student Owned Device)


It is the owner’s responsibility for the repair of any malfunctioning / damaged devices. Brandon Intermediate does not supply technical services for student owned devices.


Devices brought to school are for the individuals use, any sharing is at their discretion


If the rules and expectations are abused then the privilege of use of personal devices at school may be taken away.  


I understand and will abide by the above agreement.  I further understand that any violation is unethical and may result in the loss of my technology privileges as well as other disciplinary action.

Student Name


Student Signature




I have discussed the scenarios, potential problems and responsible use of the internet.

I will contact the school if there is anything here I do not understand.  If there is a situation that concerns me, I will contact either the school or Netsafe

Parent Name


Parent Signature




BYOD Device Inventory


Please note which device is being brought to school



























Device Make:___________________________

Device Model:___________________________

Device Serial Number:____________________


Student Name


Student Signature




Parent Name


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